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Sonsierra Interpretation Center

Sonsierra Interpretation Center

In the Sonsierra, "under the mountains", the vineyard has shaped an exceptional natural, historical and cultural landscape, a monoculture vineyard landscape, dotted with memories of other times: cave wine presses, vineyard guards, old necropolis, etc. The Interpretation Center that Bodegas Sonsierra is building in its facilities is a tribute to this identity. A visit that is made with a tablet offered at reception, dotted with audiovisual elements and culminating in a large room where to move through an interactive map in which to discover the historical legacy of this borderland between the old kingdoms of Navarre and Castile."

About the winery

Bodegas Sonsierra elaborates in San Vicente de la Sonsierra wines with their own identity, reflecting a region with unique characteristics for grape cultivation, where Tempranillo finds its ideal habitat.

In this beautiful land bathed by the Ebro and protected by the Sierra de Cantabria mountain, the cultivation of the vine and the elaboration of wine are part of an ancestral tradition that has shaped the landscape and the lifestyle of its habitants for centuries, leaving an important natural, historical and cultural legacy.The fields are dotted with prehistoric remains and archaeological sites, many of which are associated with wine cultivation, such as the Neolithic Dolmen of 'La Cascaja', necropolis, hermitages, cave houses and lagares, and wine cellars dating from Roman times ... Here Sonsierra treasures 516 hectares of vineyards that have belonged to the members of the winery for generations.About 1,500 plots with vines between 20 and 130 years old planted with the native varieties Tempranillo Tinto, Tempranillo Blanco and Viura, from which they produce wines that reflect the landscape and the centuries-old wine tradition of this territory. Monovarietal wines that begin to be made in the vineyard, in each of the strains, paying attention to every detail and using both traditional techniques and the latest technological advances to control the highest quality during the process.