The Qualified Designation

The recognition
for being unique

Rioja wines are all under the Qualified Designation of Origin (QDO), the oldest in Spain.

Our effort towards excellence led us to being awarded with the ‘Calificada’ distinction, to be internationally renowned and to become the socioeconomic driving force in our territory.

QDO conditions/

Guaranteeing the quality and authenticity is our main reason to be.
Since 1925, our wines are widely recognized and protected and, since 1991, they have a QDO. They have the highest and strictest quality standards. Rioja was the first QDO awarded in Spain, and only two meet the standards nationally, being us one of them.

To have at least 10 years of Designation of Origin.

Rioja wine cellars are only allowed to use grapes from QDO vineyards.

Rioja wine cellars exclusively dedicated to store Rioja wines.

Wines must be solely bottled in Rioja wine cellars.

Systematic analytical and organoleptic tests of homogeneous batches of limited volume.


Today, Rioja is one of the QDO that offers the highest guarantees regarding wine quality and authenticity.