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Bodega CM de Matarromera

Bodega CM de Matarromera

Bodega Carlos Moro is a business and wine project marked by the passion of a viticulturist, oenologist and winemaker who has successfully implanted its seal in other Spanish Denominations of Origin, and which lands in Rioja with the challenge of producing wines of excellence under the seal of the Rioja DOCa.

An exciting work also driven by a team of winemakers responsible for selecting a collection of excellent payments on the left bank of the Ebro River with its epicenter in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, and which represent the starting point for wines that seek to be in the elite of the DOCa Rioja.

The winery is located on a hillside with excellent views of the town and its environment of enormous scenic and cultural wealth. Its location, in the heart of the RIOJA ALTA, surrounded by vineyards, as well as its design, with different levels between the different dependencies of production, aging, bottling and expedition, allows the handling of the grapes and the transfer of the wines.

Their installations allow a natural and homogeneous aging throughout the year, given that optimal conditions of temperature and humidity, regardless of the weather outside, without dependence on industrial refrigeration equipment and / or air conditioning.

Combining tradition and modernity, some fermentative oenological processes will take place in concrete tanks lined with inert material, in order to take advantage of their thermal inertia.

All this together with the technical knowledge and passion of the winemaking team of Carlos Moro, as well as the exciting challenge of producing wines of the highest quality in the renowned and prestigious DOCa Rioja.

Vinos de la bodega