Production areas

100km of diversity

On both sides of the Ebro river, the Qualified Designation of Origin Rioja is divided into three large areas: Rioja Alta, Rioja Alavesa and Rioja Oriental.

Three territories which, thanks to their particular characteristics, give rise to an immense variety of wines with their own personality.

100 KM / Of diversity

From Tormantos to Alfaro, the western and eastern limits of the territory, there are 100 km of distance, two different climates (Atlantic and Mediterranean) and an immense variety of ways of making wine.

900 M / Of altitude

The maximum width occupied by vineyards is 40km. When arranged in successive hillside vineyards, they reach a maximum altitude of about 900m.

66.000 Ha / Of vineyards

Each of the more than 66,000 hectares is a particular ecosystem that makes QDO Rioja a unique territory in the world whose essence, past, present and future exude the word wine.

144 / Municipalities

571 wineries are spread over 144 municipalities in 3 different Autonomous Communities (118 in La Rioja, 18 in the Basque Country, 8 in Navarre), plus one winery in Castilla y León, make up QDO Rioja.


The territory of QDO Rioja is a natural region with a particular climate and geological characteristics that make it an ideal place for vine growing. Rioja stretches for almost 100 km, from west to east, on both sides of the river Ebro, in 7 valleys formed by its tributaries with their own microclimates, which makes our land a place with an extraordinary wealth of diversity of terroirs and, therefore, of wines.