Legal Advice


1.- Ownership

The owner of this website is the CONSEJO REGULADOR de la denominación de Origen Calificada (D.O.Ca) RIOJA, with registered address at C/Estambrera, 52, 26006 LOGROÑO (La Rioja), SPAIN, tax registration number Q-2671003-H, telephone (34) 941 500 400, fax (34) 941 500 664 and email address

2. Users

The use of this website confers the status of User upon whoever does so and implies full acceptance of all the provisions in this Legal Notice. Users should read these conditions every time they access the website as they may be modified at any time. Some features of this website, due to their special nature, may be subject to specific conditions or regulations which may replace, complement or modify this Legal Notice, and thus must also be accepted by the User whenever they are used or accessed.

3. Access to and use of the website

Access to and use of the website is free for Users and as a general rule does not require prior registration. However, access to and use of certain information and services offered on the website is only possible by registering. Whenever it is necessary to register, the User undertakes to use his/her username and password diligently and not to pass them to third parties. Users also undertake to notify the CONSEJO REGULADOR D.O.Ca RIOJA as soon as possible in the event of the loss, robbery or the risk of undue access by a third party of these passwords.

4. Usage restrictions

Whenever Users access this website, they are expressly authorized to make private copies of it in their own computer systems provided that such contents are for their personal use and are not subsequently transferred to third parties.

Notwithstanding the above, when using this website, Users are strictly forbidden from:

• The reproduction, copy, distribution, modification, transfer or public broadcast of the information on the website unless expressly authorized by the owner of the rights in question or, because there are limits to these rights, it is permitted by law.

• Using the information on the website for the purpose of direct sales or any other commercial ends, sending unsolicited messages addressed to a number of people irrespective of their objective, or dealing commercially with this information in any way whatsoever.

• Deleting, evading or manipulating the copyright or other identifying details of the rights of the CONSEJO REGULADOR D.O.Ca RIOJA, technical protection devices, digital fingerprints or any other protection mechanisms on the website.

• Disassembling, decompiling, altering or deleting the databases in which the website’s information is stored.

• Engaging in acts such as “spamming” in the use of the website or its information and services for the purposes of sales or other commercial ends addressed to a number of people without their prior request or consent; sending any other unsolicited messages or those without prior consent to a number of people; sending unsolicited electronic chain letters or those without prior consent or using distribution lists that may be accessed via the website.

• Make any use of this website that may be construed as an infringement of the Law or against morality and public order.

• Take any other action that may damage or injure the assets, rights and interests of the CONSEJO REGULADOR D.O.Ca RIOJA or third parties.

Any infringement of the provisions in this section may give rise to legal action which may be exercised in the administrative, civil or criminal courts, whichever may apply.

5. Intellectual and industrial property

All the information on this website, including images, graphic designs or codes in HTML, JAVA, Flash, JAVA Script or Active X languages, amongst others, is subject to intellectual and industrial property rights, ownership of which belongs to the CONSEJO REGULADOR D.O.Ca RIOJA. This organization holds the exclusive operating rights of these elements, whatever their form, and, in particular, the rights of reproduction, distribution, public broadcast and transformation. The CONSEJO REGULADOR D.O.Ca RIOJA does not transfer powers either fully or partially, nor does it grant any kind of licence or authorization whatsoever to Users over the elements on this website that are protected by intellectual or industrial property rights.

The CONSEJO REGULADOR D.O.Ca RIOJA guarantees that the contents, including those subject to copyright, are not illicit and do not infringe current legislation.

6. Guarantees and liability disclaimer

The CONSEJO REGULADOR D.O.Ca RIOJA can only be held responsible for its own services and the contents that have originated directly from the Control Board and are identified as its Copyright. The CONSEJO REGULADOR D.O.Ca RIOJA cannot accept any liability for:

• Damage of any kind deriving from the products and services of third parties, whether individuals or entities, that either appear on or are accessible via the website, especially in the case when these products and services are provided by third parties:

o Infringement of the Law, morality or public order.

o Infringement of industrial and intellectual property rights.

o Infringement of the duty of secrecy.

o Infringement of the right to honour, personal and family privacy and the image of individuals, and the laws concerning the protection of children and adolescents.

o Engagement in acts of unfair competition.

o Illegal advertising.

o The perpetration of acts that constitute an offence or are pornographic by nature.

o The lack of veracity, accuracy, exhaustiveness and topicality.

o Services that are faulty, mismanaged or delayed.

• Damages of any kind that may be due to the existence of errors in the use of or access to the website, its services and/or content, or the fact that it has not been duly updated.

• Damages deriving from the lack of availability or continuity of the website’s functions and services and due to failures in accessing the different pages of the website or those from which services are provided.

• Damages of any kind that may be due to the information on the websites to which this website may provide hypertext links. The CONSEJO REGULADOR D.O.Ca RIOJA cannot be accountable for:

o The availability, accessibility, operation and continuity of linked sites.

o The quality, legality, reliability, usefulness, veracity, topicality, exhaustiveness and/or authenticity of the content on linked sites.

o The maintenance, provision or transmission of the content on linked sites.

• Damages of any kind that may be due to the existence of a virus in the computer system, electronic documents or files, or to the presence of viruses in the services provided by third parties via the website that may damage the computer system, electronic documents or files of Users.

• The loss of business or profits or the loss of data resulting from access to the services provided by the website.

• Damages of any kind that may derive from the knowledge that unauthorized third parties may have of the conditions, characteristics and circumstances of Users’ access to the website and the use of its information and services.

7. The termination and withdrawal of the service.

The CONSEJO REGULADOR D.O.Ca RIOJA reserves the right to conclude or suspend access to its website and to limit or prevent its use at any time.

8. Links

Any Users who wish to include links to this website on their own site must comply with the following conditions:

• They may not establish frames of any kind that surround the website or allow it to be viewed via different internet addresses or jointly with content unrelated to this website in such a way that it causes, or may cause, an error or confusion among Users as to the source of the service or content, that it implies an act of comparison or unfair imitation, or that it serves to take advantage of the reputation, brand and prestige of the CONSEJO REGULADOR D.O.Ca RIOJA, or is carried out in any other way that is prohibited by Law or may cause harm to third parties.

• On the page from which the link is established there may be no kind of false or inaccurate statement about the CONSEJO REGULADOR D.O.Ca RIOJA, its members, the wineries and producers who make up this Designation of Origin and the wines protected by it.

• The sender may not use the brand or any other distinctive sign of the CONSEJO REGULADOR D.O.Ca RIOJA on their website except in the cases authorized by law or when expressly authorized to do so by the CONSEJO REGULADOR D.O.Ca RIOJA.

• The page that contains the link must comply with current legislation and may not contain or provide links to illicit, prejudicial, or contrary to morals and ethical conduct, which give or may give the false impression that the CONSEJO REGULADOR D.O.Ca RIOJA endorses or supports the ideas,  statements or actions of the owner of the site or are inappropriate in relation to the activities carried out by the CONSEJO REGULADOR D.O.Ca RIOJA, bearing in mind the contents and general theme of the website where the link is established.

9. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

This Legal Notice is governed by Spanish law. The CONSEJO REGULADOR D.O.Ca RIOJA and the User, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction they may be entitled to, shall submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the registered address of the CONSEJO REGULADOR D.O.Ca RIOJA to resolve any disputes that may arise in relation to the application or interpretation of this Legal Notice.

10. Copyright

© Copyright 2021 The CONSEJO REGULADOR D.O.Ca RIOJA prohibits either total or partial reproduction. All rights reserved.