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Bodegas Riojanas
Territorio Rioja Alta Cenicero

Bodegas Riojanas

Bodegas Riojanas, founded in 1890 in Cenicero by two families of great winemaking roots, has become throughout its 125 years of history in one of the most prestigious spanish wine companies, an example of tradition and modernity.

The great passion that has been lived in it for the cultivation of the vineyard and the aging of the wines has been transmitted to the current team of Bodegas Riojanas, which considers as the most precious inheritance the commitment with the quality and unmistakable personality of its wines, in which we can find emblematic brands as Monte Real, Viña Albina or Puerta Vieja, while it has been able to promote innovation and international expansion.

Bodegas Riojanas, from its century-old Rioja winery, has followed a diversification strategy that has led it to incorporate an offer of high quality wines from the most prestigious Denominations, intensify its presence in international markets and become an example of dynamism and innovation for the wine sector.