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Circular 7/1997. Computerisation
of the Wine Movement Control Records

The Control Board Plenary of the Denominación de Origen Calificada Rioja, in its session held on 7 March 1997, agreed to start the process of computerising the Wine and Stock Movement Control Records, in accordance with the rules of development and implementation indicated in Official Circular No. 01/97 of 27 January 1997 and Annex I thereto.

Regarding the mandatory implementation date, it is considered necessary to extend the adaptation period until 31 October 1997. From 1 November the data on movement of wines and stocks will be carried out on computerised media or the new model of records.

With the exception of adaptation periods, the implementation will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of Official Circular No. 01/97. Therefore, wineries interested in computerising the Movement Records will advise the Board, and the Technical Service will contact the wineries to arrange a meeting to explain the program and its use , as well as the resulting balances and ageing dates of the batches in the winery and diskettes with the program and movement history will be handed over.

Thereafter, the winery has an adaptation period until 31 October 1997. However, if prior to this date the Board considers that the adaptation has been achieved, the winery may stop delivering the old records and send the information of movements in the way indicated in Official Circular 01/97.

For wineries wishing to continue with the traditional system of manual records, a more simplified model has been designed, which they will also have to adapt before 31 October 1997. When they decide to change the records, they must withdraw them from the Board where they will be informed of the new application and will be provided with the balance of the items remaining in the winery and the ageing dates.

The delivery of the program is conditional on its use for the computerisation of the Wine Movement Control Records and submission of the monthly data to the Board via diskette.

The cost of the total application for the user is 25,000 pesetas.

The program must remain in the winery at the disposal of the Control Board Overseers Service.

The provisions of Official Circular No. 05/97 of 24 February 1997 are hereby repealed.

You are hereby notified for your knowledge and such effects as may obtain.


Logroño, 11 March 1997




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