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Reserve of authentic wines. Bodegas Ondalán. Wine and vineyards of Rioja Alavesa since 1889

Bodegas Ondalán is the fruit of a long and solid family tradition, linked to wines and vineyards of Rioja Alavesa since 1889.
The sensitivity of Bodegas Ondalán comes from the wines, which remain alive up to joining the loyalty and commitment of our friend clients, allowing each wine to express its excitement: the freshness of White, the joviality of the Young, the serenity of the Matured in the Winery, the loyalty of the Crianza, the singularity of the Reserve, the elegance of the Tempranillo 100% Select and the exquisiteness of the 100 Abades Graciano 100% Select.
The Ondalán wines are special, for people who want to stand out by the singular, the perfect, the round.