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Professional Visit

Professional Visit

Professional Visit

These visits are aimed at people from the sector or with a special interest in the world of wine and are led by the technical staff from the vineyards or the winery, adapted to the specific interest of the professional visitor. They conclude with a tasting which will be based on professional criteria making it possible to try particular vintages as well as to organize vertical tastings.

Sobre la bodega

Welcome to Castillo de Cuzcurrita, a place which oozes love of the land, a sense of history and attention to detail. Prestigious birthplace of our distinctive, elegant, unique wines.

The Cuzcurrita castle was built in the second half on the 14th century from which it takes its name and next to the estate vineyard whose vines are over 40 years old.

The winery and its facilities are designed to afford the vineyard's work maximum respect , adapting to the characteristics of every vintage with minimun intervention.  

All wine and must movement is carried out by gravity from the moment it is received until final ageing, withou the use of pumps. 

Wine is kept for a minimum of 12 months in new or nearly new French oak barrels, in which the malolactic fermentation takes place.   The wine is not clarified or stabilised.   All wine is bottle-aged for at least 2 years.