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Introduction to the Contino universe

Introduction to the Contino universe

The property surrounds a house almost 200 years old, built on top of some old drafts from the 16th century. The wines are made exclusively from vines from the estate vineyard, located in a meander of the Ebro River in Laserna. Contino wines are not produced every year, only when the harvest is considered excellent, seeking quality over quantity. This same philosophy of quality and exclusivity, is lived in the spaces of the winery and especially in the open spaces for events. For groups with little time we propose a guided tour of the winery, an introduction to the Contino world, visiting the old cellars and the unique vineyard that embraces the estate. To round off the event, there will be a tasting of some of our wines, which we will enjoy accompanied by an aperitif from La Rioja."

Sobre la bodega

Viñedos del Contino was created by Cvne and the family owners of the state in 1973, establishing the “château” concept in the Rioja region. Contino is located in an old stately home surrounded by 62 ha of vineyards in a bend of the Rio Ebro in Laserna, Alavese Rioja wine - making region. 

Viñedos del Contino was founded in 1973 by CVNE and the family that owns the estate, creating the first "Chateau" winery in La Rioja. The farm is established around a house about 200 years old, on some cellars that date back to the sixteenth century. The wines are made exclusively from strains from the 62 hectares of the San Rafael farm, located in a meander of the Ebro in Laserna, municipality of Laguardia in the Rioja Alavesa wine region.