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Family Harvests

Family Harvests

Family Harvests

Do you want to learn about the grape harvest in Rioja with your family? Would you like to make a plan for adults and children to enjoy? Join us in our family grape harvests!On September 23 and 24, and October 1 and 7, come to Bodegas Valdemar and discover with your family the essence and origin of Rioja. We will learn more about the vineyard, the wines, the grapes, in a fun experience of about 120 minutes in which we will perform different activities :We will harvest the grapes, picking and selecting the best clusters from our vineyard.We will tread the grapes, and we will feel through our feet how we press the grapes.We will thresh the clusters and squeeze them to obtain the first must, which the kids will be able to taste and see how sweet it is.At the end of the activity, we will recover our strength with a Riojan lunch and a tasting for adults and children. Potato omelette, Rioja chorizo and cheese, paired with two of our wines: Conde Valdemar Tempranillo Blanco and Valdemar Inspiración. In addition, the kids will have a tasting of two types of must: white and red, and they will get some jelly beans that we make with our own wines.The activity will take place outdoors, in the vineyard surrounding our winery. (If weather conditions make it impossible, we would carry it out in a barrel room).If you feel like doing something different and getting to know the grape harvest in Rioja with your children, join us! In Bodegas Valdemar, just 5 minutes from Logroño."

Sobre la bodega

Always Pionerring since 1889

Ana and Jesús Martínez Bujanda, 5th generation of Valdemar Family, have put body and soul into expanding horizons in the world of wine, continuing the family's passion since 1889. For decades, we have honored the terroir by collecting the tradition of our ancestors and innovating to help it give its best.

We never stop searching for lands, varieties and techniques with which to take the art of winemaking one step further. We are always awake. Always pioneering.

Our goal: "To make our wines a path to a better future". We allow nature to interact with our vineyards, enriching them and turning them into sustainable wine agrosystems.

The fifth generation is initiating a new way of understanding viticulture based on biodiversity.
A project that will mark the future of the other family vineyards, and with which we intend to promote the diversity of the ecosystems of the area, making the vineyard an active part of them. In this way we promote, on the one hand, the sustainability of the crop, and on the other, the character and personality of its fruit.

The new geographical indication created by the Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin. It distinguishes those wines from vineyards or sites that meet strict quality requirements directly linked to their terroir. Our maximum expression of the family's best estates, reflected in two wines: Conde Valdemar Finca Alto Cantabria Blanco and Espumoso Gran Añada.

We select among our best estates those that have a history, a personality, a special variety for which one day we decided to bet. In each harvest, the treasure that their fruits hide gives rise to this exclusive selection of wines, brimming with passion and originality.

Our most recognized and prestigious brand. An exquisite selection of grapes from the different family estates results in a collection of elegant and timeless wines, designed to delight palates that value character and tradition.

The union of two worlds: Rioja and the USA. A wine made to inspire. The project is forged between constant travels of the family in both directions and meticulous work by its technical director, who is responsible for merging the experiences lived in both Rioja and Washington.
In 2019 we return to open new horizons by building our own American dream:
The creation of the first non-US winery within the Washington State Wine appellation, in the prestigious winemaking area of Walla Walla.
There, we have united the exceptional personality of the lands of the state of Washington and the best Rioja tradition to give rise to wines that are unique in the world.