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AZABACHE the film

AZABACHE the film

A different visit. We will begin the tour with the screening of our short film “AZABACHE”, a love story for the land and our people through the romantic story of three women, from three different generations linked to wine, who take us back to the 50s, the year of the founding of our cooperative winery Viñedos de Aldeanueva, until today. As the film progresses, we will tour the different locations such as our original winery, the new barrel room or, if you wish, we will visit our new Fincas de Azabache winery. You will learn about our entrepreneurial and pioneering character and our history. After that, we will do a tasting of 2 wines and a Riojan aperitif. Also, if you want to try some more wines, our Wine Bar is open from April to October to enjoy all our wines.

Sobre la bodega

It was founded on November 20, 1955, by a group of farmers from Aldeanueva de Ebro.

During the 70s, the first bottled wines were produced, installing the first bottling plant with very manual processes. This wine is intended for the consumption of partners and customers from nearby locations.

Towards the 80s, it is committed to sellin within the Spanish market and the first bottling plant is replaced by a more productive and technologically better prepared one. At the end of this decade Bodegas San Isidro S. Coop. acquires an important part of the shares of Bodegas Berberana, becoming the majority shareholder of the group and holding the chairmanship.

In 1995, the stake in Bodegas Berberana was sold and a large-scale expansion and bottling project was undertaken, taking the first steps in wine aging. In these years Bodegas San Isidro was renamed Viñedos de Aldeanueva to obtain in this way a greater distinction since a large number of cooperatives were called at that time as the patron of the farmers.

In 2001 a new address is incorporated. From there the management bodies are professionalized and the commercial project will be achieved, reaching sales of 13 million bottles.

Throughout the 60s, the winery was expanded, due to the planting of new hectares and the incorporation of new partners attracted by the boom that was taking society.

In 2015 Fincas de Azabache was built, a new winery for high-end wines and the development of wine tourism.

Viñedos de Aldeanueva has 2 processing warehouses and 1 storage warehouse. The elaboration warehouses with stainless steel tanks with the most advanced technology equipped with the latest fermentation, refrigeration and micro oxygenation facilities.