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Visit Izadi Gourmet

Visit Izadi Gourmet

Our visitors will be able to enjoy a complete experience at Bodegas Izadi specially designed to showcase our two great passions: wine and gastronomy.Embark on a didactic tour that has the winemaking process as its guiding thread. Discover the elegant glass box located in the heart of the barrel room where you will taste three wines: Izadi Blanco, Izadi Crianza and Izadi Selección, specially paired with a gourmet board where you will find Idiazábal DO Cheese, Llaminets de Fuet Salgot, coming from eco-farm and our artisan vineyard peach jam made in collaboration with La Encineta, artisans from Rioja. All presented with seeded bread and blueberry toast."66

Sobre la bodega

Bodegas Izadi was founded in 1987 by Gonzalo Antón, who, together with a group of friends and entrepreneurs from Vitoria, created an innovative project in the heart of Rioja Alavesa. Izadi offers wine lovers a set of experiences that take you into the world of wine and gastronomy, knowing in turn the peculiarities of the area where the grapes are born.

Villabuena de Álava, where part of the family was already linked to the world of viticulture, was the chosen town where an innovative winery was built and focused on the production of quality wines.

The wide knowledge about the catering leads Gonzalo Antón to conceive a wine, Izadi, which soon stands as one of the most appreciated by the world of gastronomy.

At the same time, the incorporation of new processing techniques and their great desire for continuous improvement manage to create their own style that is consolidated over time.

Bodegas Izadi has 178 hectares of vineyards, where it is committed to an integrated viticulture that respects, to the maximum, the natural conditions of the vineyard.

In the year 2000, the incorporation into the company of his son, Lalo Antón, drives the commercialization abroad, as well as the expansion of the company, which, under the name of Artevino, addresses the Villacreces Finca projects (DO Ribera del Duero), Bodegas Vetus (DO Toro) and Orben (DOCa. Rioja).

The commitment to quality, the connection to gastronomy and the attachment to the land are the fundamental pillars on which Bodegas Izadi is based.