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Working at Valpiedra
Territorio Rioja Alta Fuenmayor

Working at Valpiedra

The farm offers the ideal setting for business meetings with total privacy. The winery allows you to alternate intense work or training with spaces open to nature, moments of recharging energy in our gazebo or on the terrace of the room. Afterwards, the group can visit the winery and its wines and finish the day with lunch at the winery or vineyard.

Sobre la bodega

The return to the Terroir and Renewed Tradition

Finca Valpiedra is located in the best part of the DOCa Rioja located in RIOJA ALTA; lying along the most spectacular bend of the River Ebro. The unique conditions of this Single Estate, consisting of 80 hectares, are due to its microclimate and soil that is made by layers of pebble stones & limestone. This is among other reasons that Finca Valpiedra is the only winery from Rioja belonging to the Great Single Estate Vineyards of Spain “Grandes Pagos de España “.