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Maridaje estelar, experiencia para empresas
Territory Rioja Alavesa

Maridaje estelar, experiencia para empresas

Actividad que realizaremos en el Jardín de las Variedades, rodeados de viñedo y con vistas al Ebro. Nuestra actividad arranca con la música, un grupo de flamenco y una bailaora. Buscaremos luego maridajes insólitos entre el vino y las estrellas, con la ayuda de cinco constelaciones que nos contarán a través de Juan Jesús Valdelana, sus leyendas y misterios. El juego será maridar leyendas, estrellas y vinos.

About the winery

The winery, winner of the Best of the Oenological Tourism Prize, is built on six underground stonework ashlars dating from the 15th and 16th centuries. In them, you will discover our Ethnographic Museum that contains remains of all the cultures and civilizations that have preceded us and that have inhabited the Rioja Alavesa.

In the first one, we can find our Ethnographic Museum, a sample of the development of viticulture in Elciego. The exhibition includes a wide range of objects, from utensils from 6,500 years ago, to implements related to viticulture used in the 19th century.

Note our Chapel, chaired by the Virgin of the Plaza, located in an original altarpiece of the sixteenth century, where we can also see the oldest document that works in the winery and dating from 1583.

Our oldest cellar dates back to 1400. We wanted to leave it unrestored so that our visitors can admire a small sample of how our ancestors worked.

Our special tasting room is located in an underground cellar. From the tasting table you can enjoy a wonderful view of an infinite vineyard also located 10 meters underground.

Finally, we enter the "tunnel of the senses" composed of 5 old tanks and 4 restored fermentation lakes where the visitor can appreciate the colors of the wine, experiment with the aromas, know the ideal temperatures...