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Territorio Rioja Oriental Quel


Querión is the Pérez Cuevas family wine project in Quel, Rioja Oriental, in the valley of the Cidacos River, between Yerga and La Hez mountains. It is located in the heart of the Bodegas de Quel neighbourhood, an emblematic 18th century historical place that sums up the historical vocation of this Rioja town with the wine, its culture and its soul.

Queirón represents the philosophy of a family dedicated to the world of wine for four generations. It is the culmination of the dream of Gabriel Pérez, a pioneering winegrower and winemaker in this part of Rioja. He has been working for more than a decade in the new winery for which he has recovered historical areas and vineyards in the surroundings of Quel. It is located on the slopes of the Sierra de Yerga, a territory that has been linked to viticulture from the Middle Ages, as attested to by various documents found in the Calahorra Cabildo Catedralicio dated 1327.

Queirón means classicism and innovation, and means essentially making wines with soul. Wines that are the heritage of a family of four generations of wine growers and the spirit of a territory defined by its poor and scarcely productive soils. The family vineyards are an example of the tradition of one of the most remote and unique territories of the Rioja DOCa.

One of the essential heritage on which Queirón is based are its vineyards, thanks to the recovery work carried out by Gabriel Pérez for over 25 years in the Quel area: "Queirón wine is born from healthy, high altitude, well oriented vineyards, with not too deep soils, where production is not the most important value of each vineyard. We seek a viticulture that is as natural as possible and balanced with the environment. That is why health and altitude are crucial and that is what we have in Quel: territory and people, soil and climate. This is our wealth"