Circular 35/1981. On control of wine stocks in Rioja wineries differentiating the various types of wines - Consejo Regulador DOCa Rioja - Riojawine

Circular 35/1981. On control of
wine stocks in Rioja wineries
differentiating the various types of wines

We inform you that the actual stocks of wines measured in the winery will have to coincide with those reflected in the monthly movement reports that must be sent to the Control Board, in accordance with the provisions of article 35 of our Regulations.

This coincidence must be reflected not globally, but separately and independently by red, claret or rosé and white wines, as specified in the aforementioned article 35.

Therefore, instructions have been given to our Overseers Service so that all the inspections that are verified in wineries have to be done by specifying or differentiating red wines, claret or rosé wines, and whites.

You are also notified that in the assessments made by our Overseers Service there will be no margins of tolerance, according to the decision taken by the Plenary of this Council in the session held on 30 November.

This decision is based on the report issued by the State Legal Service of the Ministry of Agriculture at the request of this Board, requesting its advice and interpretation on the provisions of articles 46, 73 and 106 of the Regulations of the Act of the Statute on Vines, Wines and Alcohols, and its application in the Rioja Designation of Origin, in which it is said that to the harvest statements and products referred to in article 35 of the Rioja Designation of Origin, the margins of tolerance of errors allowed by the Regulation of 1972 (Statute of Vineyard, Wine and Alcohol) for statements, statistics of vineyards, wines and alcohols not subject to quality protection.

The decision of the Control Board is also based on the rulings issued on this issue in the different disciplinary proceedings against Rioja firms, both by the Ministry of Agriculture and by the Council of Ministers.

You are hereby notified for your knowledge and such effects as may obtain.


Logroño, 30 December 1981.

The President of the Control Board.



Eugenio Narvaiza