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Bodega San Cebrín
Territorio Rioja Alta San Asensio

Bodega San Cebrín

The SAN CEBRIN co-operative wine cellar sets up in 1998, as a result of a group of grape growers´disquiet all of them from two close villages called San Asensio and Hormilleja. Having taken care of their vineyards and being home-made wine producers for generations, they decided to add up their effort and experience in order to make the wine cellar suitable for the new trade requirements. The first fruit was obtained with the 1999 harverst.

Nowadays 110 members are part of the society, men and women from La Rioja who are aware that dedication and enthusiasm for a well-done work not only in the vineyards but also with the wine cellar management are the reasons that have let our wines find a deserved place in the demanding “ Rioja ” market.

Modern  and functional cellar where the hightest technology is employed to select the grapes. We own the latest advances in machinery which, under our careful staff control in the cellar and in the laboratory, take a rigorous care of the whole making process within the best sanitary conditions.