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Visit vineyard: car

Visit vineyard: car

Visit vineyard: car

If you do not like to walk or you have less time at Bodegas Alore, we have the option to take you by car to one of our vineyards, "Las Lombas" where a lunch accompanied by wine "Viña Lombas" whose production is collected from the same farm will be waiting for us.

Duration of the visit: 2 hours approximately

Schedule (by reservation):
Saturdays: 11.00 am
Sundays: 11.00h
October to May"

Sobre la bodega

Bodegas Alore is a winery of own production and marked traditional character.

The Resano - Alonso families with their work are the base of this winery, born with the efforts of these families of farmers rooted in this land, who have dedicated their whole life to the countryside, to the vineyards and to the elaboration of wines, with the more traditional methods, transmitted from generation to generation.

Fruit of this work and the knowledge that gives the experience and the years appears Bodegas Alore, collecting in his name both surnames and with the idea of ​​offering the best of the fruits of this land.