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Bodegas Dunviro

Bodegas Dunviro

Dunviro was the name that the Romans gave to the illustrious personages of society, whose importance and social relevance were recognized when representing their faces in the coins that they minted. Dunviro is the name that rescued from the bi-millenary tradition of Calahorra uses our winery as a tribute to the Roman roots of our city.

Bodegas Dunviro combines tradition and modernity. The experience accumulated since 1958 together with its modern facilities confirm this.

We use the most modern techniques for the production of wines in our new facilities, without forgetting the traditional character of Rioja. The aging process of our wines is carried out following an exhaustive quality control ensuring the adequate temperature and humidity.

At Bodegas Dunviro we like to share the experience of enjoying the wine that we elaborate with such care.

We invite you to visit us!