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Lunch at Carravalseca, organic vineyard

Lunch at Carravalseca, organic vineyard

Lunch at Carravalseca, organic vineyard

Lunch among vineyards, Carravalseca de Casa Primicia. Traditional food in a spectacular setting, surrounded by our emblematic organic vineyard in Carravalseca, Laguardia. Visit to Casa Primicia

Breathe deeply, let yourself be caressed by the breeze, feel the earth under your feet... This is only a part of the magic that can be perceived during the experience of enjoying a picnic in a place like Carravalseca.
Asparagus from Navarra
Foie mousse with toasts
Grilled on vine shoots (sausage, blood sausage, bacon and lamb chops)

With lettuce, tomato and onion salad
Idiazabal cream canutillo wrapped with a slice of quince jelly

Coffee and liqueurs (Pacharan)
Wines: Carravalseca Crianza and Reserva

It is possible to exchange some of them for the young carbonic maceration at no additional cost.
These wines and the guided visit to Casa Primicia are included in the RRP price.
If other wines are to be added, they would be budgeted separately."

Sobre la bodega

Casa de la Primicia, the oldest building in the town of Laguardia, is the place where the church from the fifteenth century collected tithes, a tax that forced the serfs to pay a tenth of the harvest (including grapes) and the first fruits. More than five hundred years later, a viticulturist from Laguardia, Julián Madrid, rescues Casa Primicia from history, returning to elaborate wine in the ashlar stone lakes. With the pioneering spirit of Julián Madrid, Bodegas Casa Primicia was born.