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Night visit

Night visit

A unique look inside the winery. The impressive experience starts in total darkness and allows the visitor to appreciate from a new dimension the true magnitude of the industrial facilities and, in particular, of the Half Million Space. The artistic intervention on the tanks, which tells the story of the creative process of a wine and a book, takes on a unique vision, delving into the perspectives, details and secrets of each mural through a light installation that enhances its hyperrealism. The experience is topped off with a wine and chocolate tasting, a sweet epilogue to a story full of emotions.

Sobre la bodega

With more than half a century of history, Bodegas Solar de Samaniego has become an enotouristic space for wine and literature

Located in the historic medieval town of Laguardia, Bodegas Solar de Samaniego has recovered and reinterpreted its typical industrial architecture of the 70s through the project Beber Entre Líneas, which fuses the cultures of wine and literature and appears from its historical relationship with the fabulist Félix María de Samaniego and his farm La Escobosa.

The visit to its facilities allows you to make a journey between vineyards and words and discover the Shop-Bookshop, designed by Lázaro Rosa-Violán; the Farms Room, a space for tasting and conversation; the Sala Fábulas & Barricas, where the fables of Samaniego are projected, and the spectacular Espacio Medio Millón, turned into the Cathedral of the Wine after the artistic intervention of the muralist Guido van Helten on the old deposits.