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Private VIP visit with cheese tasting / ham / sausage tasting.
Territorio Rioja Alta Cenicero

Private VIP visit with cheese tasting / ham / sausage tasting.

Private VIP visit with cheese tasting / ham / sausage tasting.

Enjoy a visit to our different winery, where you can discover our best wines accompanied by a careful selection of cheeses / hams / sausages from different Designations of Origin of our country. The cheese board will be accompanied by homemade bread made in the village or traditional peppers.

Sobre la bodega

Marqués de Cáceres spares no efforts to achieve maximum quality, combining the best of tradition with a touch of innovation to highlight the finesse and elegance in its wines. Having made dynamic progress over the years, this family-owned Bodega has become a top ambassador for Spanish wines in the world offering a full range of first-class red, white and rosé wines.

Marqués de Cáceres is a family-owned and run company founded in 1970 in Rioja Alta by Enrique Forner, a visionary who gained a long wine experience in France in Château Larose-Trintaudon and Château Camensac, Grand Cru Classé in Haut-Médoc.
The Marqués de Cáceres wager on the terroir focusses permanently on extracting the unique character of its single vineyards by applying real craftsmanship throughout the wine-making process.  Elegance, distinctiveness and consistency in quality are the flagship attributes of this boedega’s exceptional wines of international renown.
Today, Marqués de Cáceres is a top ambassador for Spain available in more than 120 markets world-wide.   As the best-selling Spanish wine in the USA and many other countries in Europe and Latin America, the winery is seeking to develop its distribution in Asia to reinforce its leadership for choice Rioja wines indication that the family passion for wine is unlimited!