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Bodegas Marques de Arviza
Territorio Rioja Alta Fuenmayor

Bodegas Marques de Arviza

Marqués de Arviza is a different and very special winery that is born from the hand of a family linked for a long time to wine making in Rioja. It is the second oldest winery in Rioja.

Vinegrowers of soul and profession and lovers of the terroir and its fruits make this one of their most personal projects; a project that seeks more than doing business, making very special wines, beyond conventional standards, and giving continuity to the artistic, cultural and historical legacy of Rioja. Go back to the past tasting our wines to understand the "history of the Rioja".

This family project offers the experience and a complete dedication in their work obtaining wines that stand out for their aromatic intensity and elegance in the mouth.

The main building remained closed for many years, during which time it served as a refuge for the multitude of grape pickers who, coming from different places, came to pick up the grapes from the area. A large fire destroyed part of the facilities and it took a great work of reconstruction and rehabilitation to make the old winery the place it is today.

Each of the arches that make up these underground passages, destined to the elaboration and aging of the wines, represents a winter of work and dedication and a work of art of which we can enjoy today.

All this effort is due to the unbeatable thermal conditions they have for the aging and storage of the wines; keeping a constant temperature of around 14ºC throughout the year.

The purpose of this winery is to offer red wines of unbeatable quality and great personality; using grapes from a selection of small vineyards that show the character of the different varieties of the region. The grapes selected in the selection table are pressed in the cellar, followed by a fermentation in concrete tanks, ideal to maintain the adequate temperature for this process.

Our galleries present unbeatable temperature and humidity conditions for the barrel aging of our wines.