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Rioja Alta


Fuenmayor is in the heart of the best winemaking area of La Rioja, one of the best-known and recognised wine-producing zones in the world.

Its lands have always been exceptionally good for grape-growing. Millions of years ago, however, the area was completely different from what it is nowadays, being a marshy valley from which remains of animals and plants have been recovered.

Big wineries did not take long to set up, work the land and obtain yields on an unimaginable scale. This has enabled them to achieve high market shares in the Rioja wine market and earn great prestige worldwide.

Fuenmayor breathes wine culture, and it is a world reference in the field.

Clima Continental
Altitud 433 m
Superficie 34,29 km²
Puntos de interés

Iglesia de Santa María

Ermitas del Cristo, de San Martín y del Carmen

Palacios de Fernández Bazán y de los Marqueses de Terán

Casa Navajas

El Portalón

Cine Gran Coliseo