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Territorio Rioja Oriental Ausejo


Rioja's natural state

In 2013, we began to work in a unique environment where our indigenous forest and the traditional agricultural activities in our area have been living together and thriving for centuries. We were very keen to preserve and make viable this natural and human environment which is so typical of our part of the world. Our unique landscape of mediterranean forest and gentle slopes growing vines and olive trees happens to be one of Rioja's largest domains, and is located in the far north of the Ocon Valley, some 25 km (16 miles) southeast from Logroño.

Walking up and down the footpaths along our vineyards and olive tree orchards, partridge and quail will probably be the heralds of our stroll in the fields, while if we venture ourselves deep into our holm oak forest, deer and wild boar will often be spotted (and heard more than often!!). And if we look up to the sky, we will easily see the silent and attentive flight of various different birds of prey. In the centre of our domain, an old XVIIth-century manor was the place where the domain owners used to live in the past.

So this is the environment where our old vineyards of Tempranillo, Mazuelo, Garnacha, Graciano, Maturana and Viura are. A natural and protected environment which is unusually wealthy in terms of biodiversity, different terrains, soils and altitudes, and which is the cornerstone of our wines' identity. Our small winery right next to the vineyards was designed to provide the most faithful expression of our terroir's spirit.