Turruntés - Consejo Regulador DOCa Rioja - Riojawine


This variety should not be confused with Galicia’s Torrontés or the grape of the same name cultivated in Argentina. According to DNA analyses the only similar variety would be the Albillo Mayor existing in Castile-Leon.

The cluster is medium-sized and compact, with medium-sized, spherical berries. Those with greater sun exposure may acquire a golden colour with dark spots. It features early bud break and ripening. Low alcoholic strength and high acidity, with a low pH and significant concentration of tartaric acid with low potassium content.

The wine is described as pale yellow with greenish hues, having fruity aromas with dominating notes of apples, with a vegetal, grassy nature. Light on the palate, acidy and slightly bitter, with medium-short persistence.