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17 de September de 2018

Rioja launches a new TV spot

Rioja’s new global message will start being rolled out next Monday with a television campaign as part of an ambitious advertising strategy.

The brand’s advertising plan in Spain will bring the Saber Quién Eres slogan to television with the broadcast of an advertisement on the leading TV channels. The global strategy will be rounded off with inserts in the press, radio spots, exterior and digital advertising, as well as a number of presentation events in Spain and abroad.

The campaign was launched last March in Madrid and has already been presented in Spain, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Mexico and Russia, all key markets for Rioja wines.


Last March, in the setting of the Spanish Royal Academy, the Denominación de Origen Calificada Rioja presented its new global brand message, Saber Quién Eres, a Spanish language slogan whose rollout in 11 countries is based on a manifesto that highlights the importance of being true to oneself and having a direction in life. Saber Quién Eres embraces a multiplicity of concepts that define the identity and origins of Rioja and its grape growers and winemakers, and celebrates the personality of the consumer who chooses its wines.


The brand’s attributes tradition, diversity and origin have served to inspire the different audio-visual and graphic pieces that have shaped the global promotional campaign which is now being reinforced with the advertising strategy that goes into effect next Monday.


Saber Quién Eres culminates the launch phases initiated in Spain and presented over the last few months in the main strategic markets. At the different presentations, tasting sessions, seminars and trade fairs, the brand’s officials, along with leading representatives from the embassies and trade offices in the countries that are the main target markets for Rioja wine, shared all the latest news from the region with key trade professionals and opinion leaders.


During these presentations, a particular emphasis was placed on terroir and the new Rioja indications, with the promotion of regional and village wines as well as those from viñedos singulares and the new category of high quality sparkling wines. Rioja thus offered a vibrant and comprehensive brand image along with the new geographical indications and its already successful portfolio of blended wines.


The new TV spot, which will be broadcast on Spain’s leading TV networks, puts an emphasis on authenticity, a key element of the region’s DNA, and highlights the importance of being true to oneself. The spot was produced by advertising agency Shackleton, which had already designed the first part of the campaign. Havas Group – Proximia was responsible for designing the media strategy this year, with a total budget for Spain amounting to around two million euros, of which 45% will be earmarked for television.


The plan includes inserts in the trade and foreign media along with radio and online spots. The brand will also be featured on exterior advertising, at food trade fairs and in a circuit of several Madrid bars, as well as a specific campaign for the different social media supports.


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