Circular 2/1997. Statement of warehouse wine stocks - Consejo Regulador DOCa Rioja - Riojawine

Circular 2/1997. Statement
of warehouse wine stocks

The marketing statistics provided by the Board are of labelled wines that are reflected in the Wine Movement Control Records. This may lead to deviations with what is actually marketed depending on the movement and stock of wines in the finished products warehouse. On the other hand, market studies are done on the product that has come out of the warehouse and is found on shelves.

For this reason and with the sole purpose of improving the information sent to registered wineries, the Plenary decided at the session held on 7 February 1997, to set a mandatory declaration of the stock of wines in the finished products warehouse on an annual basis which will be held on 31 December of each year, starting on 31 December 1996 and which will be sent to the Control Board before 20 January of the following year. This year, in view of the date of the decision of the Plenary, the figures on stocks on 31 December 1996, will be sent before 31 March 1997. This will allow for an assessment of stock differences and complement the information obtained from the labelled product expeditions reflected in the Movement Control Records.

To this end, we attach a statement of stocks. However, this information can be sent to us by any other means or format as long as it contains the information requested and the document is signed by the person in charge of the winery.


Logroño, 11 February 1997




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