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Family Harvests

Family Harvests

Visit to the vineyard, where children and adults will learn about the different parts of the vine and harvesting tools. After learning how to use the refractometer and the pertinent explanations, we will carry out the manual harvest together. After the grape harvest, we will return to the winery and have a traditional Riojan aperitif.We will move on to the winery facilities, where the task of a true winemaker begins. For the children, the grapes are crushed in the press and the must is extracted, while the parents can enjoy the must or even get into the press if they feel like it. Corking of one bottle of wine per child, encapsulation and labeling. This way we will have a nice souvenir of the day. To conclude the activity, a tour of the barrel room of the winery where the wine is aged and the "Super Bodegueros" diplomas are awarded."

Sobre la bodega

Our history begins in the year 1917, when José Bezares inherits some of the vineyards that we keep today. Three generations later we continue working in the same line as our ancestors; enjoying wine and our culture to the fullest.

The Bohedal Experience goes beyond a visit to the winery, it is a relationship that begins when you know us and that can go a long way.