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Architectural inspiration
Territorio Rioja Alta Logroño

Architectural inspiration

The architecture is undoubtedly one of the most distinctive elements of this winery. Our proposal is not a technical visit for specialists, it is a fun visit that focuses on the most innovative formal aspects of a winery that was created almost 50 years ago with modern criteria that still mark its character today. We can then move on to our tasting room, a space with an avant-garde design, open to the outside and where you can learn more about the wines produced in the winery. We will finish with a tasting of two wines accompanied by an aperitif.

Sobre la bodega

A winery, imbued with an innovative spirit. In 1973, the Bodegas Olarra project began to see the light, right in the heart of the Rioja Qualified Denomination of Origin. The project is a milestone in the way of understanding architecture in the wine sector. It is the beginning of the conception of the space in the construction of Bodegas in Rioja as a differentiating element, placing Bodegas Olarra at the forefront since its creation. Bodegas Olarra offers you the opportunity to get to know its facilities, appreciating every detail of the elaboration process through an unforgettable visit.

A project by the great architect Juan Antonio Ridruejo that began to be built in 1973, with a clear objective: to make a great Rioja wine within everyone's reach, in a singular space.

The key, its 111 hexagonal domes at the service of wine aging. Thanks to the hexagonal design of the domes, sudden temperature changes are avoided, achieving a natural isolation, which helps to achieve a more homogeneous temperature throughout the year.

The quality of the wines is contrasted by the almost 200 awards received. It will be a pleasure to receive you, accompany you and guide you through our House sharing the love we feel for our land, the winery and its wines.