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In search of Bacchus

In search of Bacchus

A fun way to get to know our winery. By means of some clues they will have to look for the pieces of a puzzle of Bacchus that will be hidden in different places of the winery. While looking for them, a visit to the winery takes place. At the end, a conventional tasting is held for parents and a special tasting for children.

Sobre la bodega

Bodegas Amador García is a family winery with a winemaking tradition. In fact, Amador García Chávarri, the founder of the winery, sells his wines since 1969 in his Vitoria winery under the name of Bodegas Garpe. But at the beginning of the 80s the Regulating Council of the Rioja Qualified Denomination of Origin required to have a winery located in the denomination, to bottle the wines there. And in the year 1982, they built the Amador García winery in Baños de Ebro, their village. A family that pampers with the wisdom transmitted, generation after generation, these privileged lands. At this moment, Bodegas Amador García sells its wines under the following brands: Balcorre, Peñagudo, Amador García Blanco Fermentado en Barrica and Amador García. The latter is a wine of "High Expression" or "Selected Harvest" bred with the best care. It is a recognition to a whole life dedicated to the art of wine, to the founder of the winery, that is why it carries its same name. All these wines have been achieving prestige in the market and recognition in various competitions nationally and internationally. The philosophy of Bodegas Amador García consists of combining tradition and innovation, to achieve quality wines, showing great respect for both traditional methods of production and the most modern winemaking technologies.

Our vineyards are situated in a privileged position with its own special microclimate between the Sierra de Cantabria mountains and the River Ebro.

The Sierra de Cantabria mountains protect our vineyards from the cold northern winds giving them a Mediterranean character.

The soil in which our vines are planted is excellent for growing grapes. It is a clay calcareous soil from which the vines can absorb the necessary moisture.

Our main varieties are Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graciano and Viura. Quality is guaranteed by the selection of grapes in the vineyard and later in the winery.

EXPERIMENTAL VINEYARD with 14 different grape varieties. We are studying the adaptation of the different varieties to the soil and the climate.

The area in which the Amador García winery is situated has been blessed by nature with excellent characteristics for growing vines. 

It has also forged the spirit of this winery founded in 1969 and of a family which cossets this privileged land with the wisdom passed on from one generation to the next.

Bodegas Amador García offers you our family of wines, rich in essence and tradition and made with the best, most modern winemaking techniques.

After passing through vats in which it undergoes two fermentation processes, the wine slumbers gently in the belly of oak casks, which piece together its flavours and aromas with the fruity subtleties provided by the grapes, remaining in this state for months.

Silence and patience age and round off the wine in French oak barrels, reflecting the regular measured work of our people. The last stage takes place in the bottle room, culminating a lengthy patient process that reaffirms our commitment to tradition and quality.

Architecture is a fundamental aspect of this renovated winery and has therefore been approached with the utmost care. Our traditional family winery has been transformed with new innovative spaces to produce a distinctive modern building for the enjoyment of wine tourism.

The interior design is based on open interconnected spaces with access to the outside areas, such as the terrace with aromatic plants or the experimental vineyard situated under the glass-paneled cube that juts out of the façade. The cube has excellent views and also serves as a special place for tasting our wines. Natural light and open spaces were priorities in the design.

The reception and sales area is shaped by a curved inclined wall which echoes the organic forms of the grape. This area communicates with the vat room with access to the wine cellar, in which lighting is an important ally while the wine is gently aging.

Oak and metal, the staple ingredients of wine casks, combine with natural light to materialize this interior decoration project that puts faith in natural materials to provide the form, consistency and warmth required in interior spaces.

We offer a wide range of WINETOURISM services and activities aimed at broadening your knowledge and enjoyment of our proud traditions and passions: LAND AND WINE.

Situated in a privileged position in Baños de Ebro, in the Rioja Alavesa wine region, and sheltered by the Sierra de Cantabria, this family, who have a long tradition in the wine business, place the winery’s modern facilities and services at the disposal of visitors