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Bodegas Estraunza

Bodegas Estraunza

Our Rioja winery is much more than a winery, it is passion for wine, it is dedication and effort to get the best wines, it is our way of expressing ourselves through the senses, it is an excitement to always offer the highest quality to our customers.

Our Rioja winery began its activity in 1990 and two years later, in 1992 we were able to present our first Crianza wine: Solar de Estraunza, harvest 1989. Later, in 1995, the first Solar de Estraunza Reserve was born, and in 1997, our first Grand Reserve Solar de Estraunza.

Throughout the short life of our Rioja winery and thanks to the thoroughness with which we take care of each and every stage of the winemaking process, we have been recognised with prestigious awards that have given us a strong impetus to continue experimenting in the search for quality and in the creation of so-called high expression wines.

For this reason, we continue working day by day with the greatest possible enthusiasm and dedication, with the final objective of putting a high quality wine on your table that makes you enjoy its taste, smell and color.

Vinos de la bodega

Solar  De  Estraunza
Solar De Estraunza