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Conde de los Andes Business
Territorio Rioja Alta Ollauri

Conde de los Andes Business

The winery districts, such as Ollauri, were traditionally the center of work for the families of winegrowers. Meeting or working at Conde de los Andes will be a way to be linked to the architectural heritage of the wine culture, although we will work in the Salón del Conde, a fully equipped modern space. After the work, the gesture will have to be continued by visiting the winery's centenary cellars, almost one kilometer long. Afterwards, we will be able to taste Conde de los Andes wines or do a wine tasting, and celebrate the meeting with a lunch of traditional cuisine in the Salón Rústico.

Sobre la bodega

20 generations have explored the fascinating cellars built underneath the village of Ollauri. Bodegas Ollauri-Conde de los Andes is part of Ollauri’s ‘barrio de bodegas’, an area with underground family caves, three traditional buildings and a cluster of spectacular underground cellars. In 2014, this producer acquired the legacy bequeathed by Paternina and the historic Conde de los Andes brand, one of the grandest names in Rioja’s wine culture. Exploring the ancient “calados” is a unique opportunity to find out more about our history using wine as an exciting sensorial connection with the past.

The winery: excavated over several centuries, the Conde de los Andes caves are Rioja’s most impressive underground cellar system in terms of age, architecture and dimensions, extending over one kilometre in length.

Wines: a representative range to rejoice in the present but keeping an eye on history. Red, white and semisweet. Freshness and complexity. The personality of Rioja Alta. Along with this renewed approach to our origins, Bodegas Ollauri-Conde de los Andes commits to the preservation of hundreds of thousands of bottles of vintage wines, dating back to 1892.

Visits and wine tourism: Rioja as it used to be vs Rioja as it is nowadays: a tour spanning 500 years of wine culture. Spectacular, revealing, profound and as exceptional as the Conde de los Andes’ cellars themselves.