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Bodegas de la Real Divisa
Territorio Rioja Alta Ábalos

Bodegas de la Real Divisa

Bodegas de la Real Divisa are some of the oldest wineries in La Rioja and Europe, belonging to a family saga that holds the noble title of Marqués de Legarda. Its owners, through generations, have maintained the spirit of good work. And his wine was baptized with the family nobility title as a symbol of prestige and tradition. It is possible to visit the winery on weekends. Always by appointment.

This winery, located in the town of Ábalos, owes its name to the emblem of the Jar or Terrace with lilies that is on the arch of the entrance door and that reminds both its age and its relationship with the Royal House of Navarre.

Bodegas de la Real Divisa was the first winery in Rioja to receive a Medal at the Exhibition of Bourdeos in 1895.

Nowadays, his wine, Marqués de Legarda Crianza 2001, has been one of the wines that obtained the best score in the Guía Campsa 2006. In the edition of this guide of the present year, the Marqués de Legarda Crianza 2004 wine has also obtained a score of 92 points. This score is the result of the tastings made on an initial selection of the winery itself. Likewise, the Guide of the Best Wines of Spain 2006 has included Marqués de Legarda.

Currently 80% of its production is destined to the national market, while the remaining 20% ​​is exported to the United States, England, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany and Colombia.