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Digma Premium Tasting
Territorio Rioja Alta Sajazarra

Digma Premium Tasting

Digma Premium Tasting

Enjoy our most exclusive Digma 100% Tempranillo and 100% Graciano wines, tasting in one of the 15th century cellars of the medieval wall of the castle of Sajazarra.

Sobre la bodega

Bodegas Castillo de Sajazarra has as its final objective the elaboration of singular, elegant, friendly and with great personality wines, and with this, to achieve the maximum satisfaction to the consumer.

They are one of the few wineries that complete the entire wine cycle, from the vineyard to the winery they are totally self-sufficient, since they do not buy grapes or wine. It is a family winery, this does not take away the professional management that exists in all its departments, taught and supervised, strictly and in detail, by the property.

The philosophy of Bodegas Castillo de Sajazarra is based on four fundamental principles.

1. We are wine growers. We know that the quality of a wine begins in the field and that's why we are 100% self-sufficient, both in Rioja and in Alella. All the vineyards are owned by the winery and are grown by ourselves. We do not buy grapes or wine. Our maxim is "less robe and more boot."

2. Maximum respect for the environment and the product, outside and inside the warehouse. A part of our vineyards are organically grown, and the rest are managed in integrated production, maintaining a balanced and lively ecosystem. Inside the winery we take care of the wine to the maximum. We do not filter, clarify, or refrigerate our red wines.

3. We only produce wines of the highest quality that we are capable of, with the horizon set to elaborate the best wine in the world.

4. We make the wines thinking of the consumer's enjoyment, wines of "long drink", which we say here, easy to drink but at the same time complex and elegant.