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Discovering the Family wines

Discovering the Family wines

We will visit the winery to discover the winemaking and aging processes. A family facility will allow us to focus very closely on the daily work of a family of winegrowers and winemakers. We will have to put theory into practice and have fun and learn, of course, by tasting wines. What is the difference between a young wine and a crianza red wine? What is it that we have heard so many times about "signature wines"? How does a classic rioja differ from a modern rioja? We can work in groups to find the answers, while we get to know the different wines produced by the Benito Family. Finally, we will award prizes to the winning team, or we will share the victories by closing the game with a relaxed aperitif."

Sobre la bodega

Bodegas URBINA is a family winery with four generations of dedication to grape growing and winemaking since 1870. Our wines are a conjunction of grapes from Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón, on the north-western edge of D.O.C. Rioja, that produces wines with a great capacity for ageing, excellent for Grandes Reservas and from the vineyards of Uruñuela, which are situated in the heart of the Denomination producing wines of great consistency and body, but very pleasant.

Bodegas Benito URBINA produces 400.000 bottles of Red Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva and 50.000 bottles of White and Rose derived from grapes of their own vineyards, cultivated using traditional techniques, harvesting by hand and avoiding the use of weed killers and pesticides.