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“When our great grandparents cultivated their vines, now more than a hundred years ago, at the foot of Monte Yerga, they were unknowingly writing our own history”. If you come to visit Viñedos Real Rubio, you will be able to enjoy natural surroundings in which the vineyards dominate the view. We will be happy to show you our vineyards and our winery and afterwards you can relax quietly in the tasting room or on the terrace, savouring a glass of wine.

The story of Viñedos Real Rubio began over one hundred years ago at the hands of our great grandparents, who began grape growing in the area around Monte Yerga, cultivating vines at a height of between 400 and 500 metres.

These days, we have over 90 hectares of planted vines whose differentiating feature is the range of diversity of grape variety and the great age of many of them. Our vineyards are home to most of the official varieties of the Rioja Designation of Origin: Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graciano, Viura, Verdejo, …  and, in addition, we have vines over 60 years’ old alongside other younger ones less than a decade old.  This diversity, managed using novel, environmentally respectful growing practices which seek to extract the best qualities from each parcel, provides us with excellent raw material for turning into wine.

For us, wine and the vineyards constitute a way of understanding life which goes way beyond the mere act of growing and making wines, something we have tried to capture in our winery. 

Consequently, and despite the hard work and effort that is involved in working in an activity at the mercy of nature’s whims, we feel privileged to be able to transmit to our customers a whole world of sensations revolving around wine.

We invite you, from here, to come and visit us and enjoy these same experiences with us.