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Señorío de Librares

Señorío de Librares

Our family, the Espinosa family, was born and raised in the environment of wine. For over 100 years our ancestors have devoted themselves to it, growing their own vineyards and olive trees. This dedication is recorded in the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1878, where our father Pedro Maria Espinosa won the gold medal.

Proud to be winegrowers have continued the tradition, expanding our crops and our expectations for the future, conserving native varieties of Rioja, respect and affection towards the environment and nature where our crops are locked. Our philosophy is aimed at satisfying the taste of our customers and make them part of our project. MANOR LIBRARES is a family winery, located in Villar de Arnedo - La Rioja .

Our location gives us the opportunity to grow our wines in La Rioja lands where the excellence of the wines has been recognized worldwide since antiquity with the DOCa Rioja (DOCa.) We run the winery among the Espinosa brothers. Our work starts with choosing the right soil for each grape variety. We plant, care for and pamper our vines until the arrival of autumn when the grapes carefully selected in every harvest, leading to the production, aging and bottling.

In Lordship of Librares we're known for being one of the few wineries whose wines come exclusively from our own vineyards, which has allowed us to produce wines that are distinguished by their exceptional personality and style. All this is possible thanks to the great experience and knowledge acquired by the three brothers where taste, love, dedication and personalized care to each of our strains provide some exclusive notes on wines Manor Librares.