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Historic visit

Historic visit

This experience will allow us to know the historical scenarios of the Sonsierra, landscapes built with vineyards but also with medieval cave wine presses, old necropolis such as San Andrés or Romanesque jewels such as the church of Santa MarÍa de la Piscina, a unique place to share a glass of wine on our tour, while we learn about the cycles of the vineyard. Afterwards we will visit the winery and we will have the opportunity to taste different tanks. We will conclude the visit in the wine cellar or on the terrace, extending the conversation over a glass of wine.

Sobre la bodega

Hacienda López de Haro is located on a hill in the historic town of San Vicente de la Sonsierra, surrounded by centuries-old vineyards and sheltered by the Sierra del Toloño. There, thanks to its special climatic characteristics, its orography and its soils, are the best old Tempranillo vineyards with wich the new Rioja classics are made.

Hacienda López de Haro is the Rioja winery of the Vintae Wine Company and its flagship is the collection of wines with which they pay homage to the authentic essence of their land, Rioja. The place chosen to bring this project to life and to settle the winery could be none other than San Vicente de la Sonsierra, the heart of La Rioja Alta and the area where the best old Tempranillo vineyards are located, thanks to its special climatic characteristics, its orography and its soils.

López de Haro wines are elegant, complex and aromatic and have become the new classics of Rioja. Because, according to the winery, to be a classic it is not necessary to be hundreds of years old, nor come from high lineage, but rather to breathe the magic of something well done, made with care and passion.

Hacienda López de Haro has eight references that reflect the wine reality of the area: White, Rosé, Tempranillo, Crianza, Reserva, Gran Reserva and Vino de Pueblo de San Vicente de la Sonsierra. It also has Classica, the collection of grandes reservas of exceptional vintages that pays tribute to the pioneers in the history of Rioja and that are reaping exceptional international awards, such as two consecutive Best of Show at the Decanter Awards.

Lopez de Haro wines are fixtures transon the best wines lists of the major specialized magazines such as Wine Enthusiast or Harpers, they have high scores from national and international critics such as Peñín or Tim Atkin and have obtained medals in the main contests in the sector both in Spain and in the world (Decanter, Mundus VIni, Bacchus or International Wine Challenge).

The winery has an original wine tourism project that seeks to offer visitors authentic experiences full of local character to be the Rioja that is not only drunk, but also lived.