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Territorio Rioja Alta Navarrete


Bodegas Montsalla is situated between Navarrete and Fuenmayor, par excellence a wine producing area of la Rioja. Bodegas Montsalla is a family business with a long tradition in the wine producing sector in la Rioja. Descendents of Dº Félix Azpilicueta Martínez and co founders of Bodegas AGE, their heritage has continued with the pass of the years by introducing new modern systems of elaboration and ageing.

Bodegas Montsalla start its activity as a new entity in the year 2005, continuing to produce in its old bodega and wine cellars, nowadays open to the public but not in use, located in the town of Navarrete. With more than 250 years of history where Dº Cayo Santaolalla Azpilicueta produced his wines that then were taken to AGE. In the year 2005 the effortful decision to give a new modern impulse to the winery made us move it to its present location. With the eagerness to innovate, a new production system was introduced that allows a better use of the deposits thanks to the Ganymede system.

Our production comes from our ownership vineyards, personally taken care of which allows us to control the desired parameters to produce our wines. All the vineyards are located in Navarrete and Fuenmayor, areas with a strong wine growing tradition. The start of the grape harvest is during the end of September beginning of October. During 15 days the winery lives the most intense moments of the year. 300.000 kilos of grape are produced which give the possibility to carry on a carefully control process and obtain wines of an extraordinary quality.