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Bodegas Campo Viejo
Territorio Rioja Alta Logroño

Bodegas Campo Viejo

If you want to discover the true taste of Rioja, there is no better place than Campo Viejo winery.

Here we tell you about the winemaking process and the environmental approach for the management of our lands, bringing you the world of Spanish wines culture that will include a wine taste of our favourite vintages.

Along the visit you will discover the history of the brand, the care of the environment, the exiting project winery construction, the unique arquitecture, one of the most impressive barrel rooms all around the world and much more.

When surveying the site for the new winery, architect Ignacio Quemada was immediately struck by the natural beauty of the landscape. When he saw where the new winery would be located, his first thought was“What a beautiful place!. Where do I put 45,000 sq.m. without ruining it?” His answer: do it underground.

Quemada’s decision to build the new winery underground had several benefits. First of all, it would naturally achieve the ideal conditions for making and ageing wine. And secondly, it made it possible to integrate the new winery with the landscape, so fundamental for environment.

It is a perfect symmetry between industrial needs and architectural beauty, best described by the creator himself: “On the one hand, the architecture responds to all the winemaking needs, whilst on the other, it is the architecture that defines even the smallest details of the building”.