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Founded in the year 2000, coinciding with the arrival of the new century, and after decades of family tradition dedicated to viticulture, we decided to start a new stage by making homegrown wines

Located in the municipality of Laguardia, at the foot of the Sierra de Cantabria, on the road that leads to the town of La Hoya, specifically within the area known as Piñuelas.

In these years, we have three great wines: LANDALUCE young, FINCAS de LANDALUCE Red with aging and CAPRICHO de LANDALUCE Red with aging, which have served us to become one of the revelation wineries thanks to the production of these quality wines.

The secret lies in the raw material: we have 25 hectares, of which the bodega owns 15 and works the others on lease. We use old vineyards because we consider that the balance of production achieved cannot be matched, because the depth of their roots and the volume of soil covered reduces the impact of drought or excessive rainfall and because they bring greater complexity to the grapes.