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Rioja Alta


In Bobadilla the main crops are cereals, capers and grapes.

Also worthy of note are the large poplar groves along the banks of the Najerilla.

As for economic activity, there are two sausage meat companies: one is called ‘Don Arturo’ and the other ‘Hijos de Martínez Somalo’.

There is also a sawmill, Maderas Azofra, and a flour production plant, Harinas Azofra; both are almost one hundred years old.

We would highlight the fish farm in Bobadilla. Perfectly integrated into the environment of the River Najerilla, it has hardly any impact on the environment.

Finally, there is also a site dedicated to intensive greenhouse agriculture.

Climate Oceánico
Altitude 587 m
Area 4,66 km²
Points of interest

Iglesia de San Juan Bautista

Palacio del Conde de Avellanosa

Puente Mocho

Paseo de la Virgen