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Rioja Oriental


In Grávalos the economy revolves around agriculture, mainly vineyards, cereals and almonds. Some olive groves have also started to appear, although their production is still low, as well as a mushroom farm.

Stockbreeding is gaining in importance, in the form of sheep and goats.

As for industry, there is a carpentry workshop, a metal workshop, a quarry and construction and digging companies.

Finally, tourism is a promising sector for the locality. Grávalos has a source of sulphurous waters that are idea for skin disorders. The waters have been exploited since the 16th century and a spa has been in operation since around 1843.

Other tourist attractions are the route with dinosaur footprints, a mediaeval stone ‘fridge’, the parish church and the Peña Herrera viewpoint, which offers excellent views over the nearby landscape.


Clima Oceánico
Altitud 750 m
Superficie 31 km²
Puntos de interés

Iglesia de Santa María de la Antigua

Ermita del Humilladero

Ruinas del Monasterio de Santa María