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Alútiz Vinos - Bodegas Pascual Berganzo

Alútiz Vinos - Bodegas Pascual Berganzo

Winery since 1980, maintaining the tradition from the XVII century and elaborating great wines, being the star of the house the carbonic maceration. Nowadays, Alútiz is the most recognized wine brand of Pascual Berganzo. What if we drink some wine in a cave, 12 meters underground?

Winery founded in 1980 by Eduardo Pascual Berganzo, maintaining family tradition since the seventeenth century. With 70 hectares of own vineyards, the Pascual Berganzo family makes its great wines.

All the vineyards are located in Rioja Alavesa from the banks of the Ebro River to the majestic Sierra Cantabria.

The elaboration of its wines is made in concrete wineries of the year 1980, being the young wine carbonic maceration the protagonist of the winery.

Nowadays, Bodegas Pascual Berganzo has three wineries where it makes its wines, passing from the stone of the seventeenth century, the concrete of the year 1980 and finally the stainless steel tanks of the 21st century.

Winery visits: Visit a different winery where YOU and the WINE will be the protagonists all the time.

Visits to the vineyard: Wine, Vineyard, Vineyard...

Visits to the Vinoteca of Alútiz, since the seventeenth century: a cave 12 meters underground.

Group visits.