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Baños de Rioja
Rioja Alta

Baños de Rioja

The economy of Baños de Rioja is mainly based on agriculture, although some stockbreeding also takes place in the locality.

The main crops are cereals, potatoes and beet, which have been joined by others such as peas or green beans in recent years.

Winemaking is concentrated in the Viña la Emperatriz winery (with around 50 hectares) and in some small majuelos (vine plots).

Stockbreeding has declined considerably in recent years, although there is still a pig farm and a few other small exploitations.

Clima Oceánico
Altitud 550 m
Superficie 9,23 km²
Puntos de interés

Iglesia de La Magdalena

Ermita del Pilar

Torre Fuerte