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To harvest or not to harvest. That is the question
Territorio Rioja Alta Haro

To harvest or not to harvest. That is the question

When it comes to making decisions in the company or the vineyard, it is not enough to remain superficial. Group decisions will focus us more on getting it right. By paying attention to the type of leaves on the vines, the cluster, the size of the berry, etc., we can know the characteristics of the grape and set a date for harvesting. After the grape tasting, we will have an aperitif and a visit to the subway cellars of our winery. The group will finish toasting their projects with another great project, one of our best wines.

Sobre la bodega

Bodegas Bilbaínas is the reflection of the history and identity of Rioja. Located in the neighborhood of Haro Station, it is a century-old winery whose wines express the quality, tradition and diversity of La Rioja.

The winery has more than 250 has. of vineyards located in the municipality of Haro, and the largest surface of underground wines of La Rioja. Bodegas Bilbaínas is also the oldest bottling firm in La Rioja.

Visit our centenary winery with historic buildings and one of the largest underground wine areas in La Rioja (3,400m²), built at the end of the 19th century.

In 1925, Bodegas Bilbaínas was distinguished with the title of Supplier of the Royal Household.