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Escape Room en Bodegas Montecillo
Territorio Rioja Alta Fuenmayor

Escape Room en Bodegas Montecillo

Sobre la bodega

Bodegas Montecillo was founded in 1870 in the Riojan town of Fuenmayor.

Contemporary Rioja wines that stay true to their classic roots

  • 100% family-owned since its foundation in 1870 (over a hundred years with the founding Navajas family and almost 50 nurtured by Osborne family)
  • 3rd oldest winery in Rioja - #1 Spanish Denomination of Origin       
  • 1st winery in Fuenmayor, Rioja Alta pioneering winemaking village since the19th Century (a result of French winemakers turning to the region during the phylloxera plague)

Almost 150 years of winemaking expertise

  • Decade-long links with the region’s most sought-after grapegrowers and old-vines.

  • Quality coherence and consistency vintage after vintage: +300 medals, 90pt+ scores and awards in the most prestigious domestic and international wine publications and contests.

  • Hero varietal Tempranillo: round, structured and elegant wines.

  • Wines that stand out for their elegance, complexity and balance.

Optimum barrel and bottle, exceeding the region’s average

  • 20,000+ highest quality French and American oak barrels

  • Hand-piled underground bottle cellar: the ultimate expression of both an ancestral and artisanal savoir-faire.

  • Wines are never released until optimum roundness is achieved.

Underground Bottle cellar

  • Currently holds wines from vintages that date back to 1926 – authentic oenological gems.

Chief winemaker – Mercedes García Rupérez

  • After returning from Chile to her native Spain, Mercedes spent three years at the Castilian estate and winery also owned by the Osborne family before joining Montecillo in 2008.

  • For over 10 years she has taken on the responsibility of updating Montecillo’s wines without ever losing their essence, tradition and roots. Her obsession with quality along with her passion and respect for the land along with the savoir-faire of a century-old winery have proven essential to enthrall today’s fine wine lovers.

 The wine range

The brand recently introduced a renovated yet timeless visual identity routed in the winery’s tradition and authenticity, with their labels highlighting the visionary spirit behind two families passionate for Rioja wines, a centennial legacy that forged an everlasting name.