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The magic of the vineyard

The magic of the vineyard

We always say that good wines are a liquid expression of the landscape where they are born, of the land, the climate, the variety, the people who take care of them... In this experience we will travel through different vineyards by jeep or bus, and we will learn to see them with different eyes, which will later be used to taste different wines from our winery, looking for the particular expression of each vineyard visited. The tasting work can be carried out in teams, seeking to emphasize shared work and group cohesion.

Sobre la bodega

Bodegas Cosme Palacio belongs to the select group of Bodegas Centenarias of la Rioja. Located in the heart of the Rioja Alavesa, it is distinguished by its dynamic and innovative character, with brands such as Cosme Palacio, Bodegas Palacio Especial, Glorioso or Milflores.


Founded by entrepreneur and visionary, Don Cosme Palacio in 1894 in the heart of the Rioja Alavesa, Bodegas Palacio owns one of Rioja's very few “Singular Vineyards”, where 100-year-old vines grow. Bodegas Palacio since its creation, has contributed to the revolution of La Rioja wines, also forming part of the limited and select group of Bodegas Históricas of the D.O Ca Rioja.

At the foot of Laguardia, between the Sierra de Cantabria and the winding course of the Ebro, Bodegas Cosme Palacio keeps alive the dynamic spirit of its origins, when in 1894 Cosme Palacio took over the family winery, and founded an exciting adventure among vineyards.The winery has been characterized for always integrating tradition and innovation.A winery that changes the history of wine forever. A before and after in the heart of Rioja Alavesa.The wines are a singular example of harmony, balance and expressivity.

Bodegas Cosme Palacio has updated its facilities offering a unique experience to the visitor.

A tour to know the past and the present of the great Rioja wines.

BOOK YOUR EXPERIENCE: From Wednesday to Sunday at 12:00 (Appointment)

T. 945 600 151/945 600 057